Chris Appelgren

Chris Appelgren, also known as Chris Applecore, was owner and president of Lookout! Records from 1997 until 2012. In addition, Appelgren has created original artwork and album designs for many punk bands, including BlatzGreen DayScreeching WeaselThe QueersThe Donnas, and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

Appelgren also performed as vocalist in bands The PatternThe PeeChees and Bumblescrump and was the original drummer for The Potatomen as well as drumming for The Lefties.

Alien Graphic

It is also known as the Jeromy Green Pro Model. The graphic is of an alien invasion of Earth, which is a great depiction of Jeromy Green's crazy, near-alien skate style and the company name Earth.

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Robot VS Treeman

This graphic was an art commission for Eli Reams Pro Model. The comic style graphic is a great depiction of nature vs man, and Eli also happens to love gardening.

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