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Tojo - Skyfox (Made in the PS Stix Factory)

Tojo - Skyfox (Made in the PS Stix Factory)

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Custom Design by Todd Johnson aka ToJo.

Manufactured by Professor Paul Schmitt at his PS Stix factory.


width 9 3/4"

length 31 5/8"

wheel base 14 7/8"

nose 5 3/4"

tail 6 3/4"


Design notes: this classic pig shape is fat in the middle for extra get up & go in critical situations.  Shallow wheel wells give you a bit more clearance on tight carves without sacrificing strength.  Features rounded rail edge on bottom for comfort grab and square edge on top to lock your foot in with an 1/8" more hold.  Also helping to lock in foot placement is a deep concave just past the mid point and a concave tail.  Radical design for functional vertical positioning on any ramp or pool.



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